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Why is it safe to buy from Salvage World Auctions?

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  1.  We are a real proxy bidding site! We recommend you use www.sslshopper.com to verify any site including this online venue prior to making any purchases online. 

  2.  Do not be fooled by templated auction sites which only allow customers to place offers, to a third party. The end users do not interact or compete, and many of these sites are affiliate broker sites, they do not posses the direct insurance contracts that our administration has had in place for over a decade.  Experience our proxy bidding, buy now vehicles and pure sale vehicles.   We are very transparent, unlike many of these fee based brokers who will not direct you in any way what so ever, they simply do not have the experience. Totaled vehicles have unforeseen damage to the naked eye.  Repair shops only know what they are getting into once they start taking a vehicle apart. Our agents are the best the industry hase to offer.

  3. Our customers are now able to pay for vehicles directly at facilities as long as they abide by the Auction Policies and instructions.

  4. We have an impressively large online selection, simply compare and give us a chance before you place bids or leave deposits on any other site.  Feel free to contact us and we will match any of our competitor pricing, we will provide a premium service at the same time.

  5. Our customers have a large selection of vehicles on one given platform, and licenses are required or needed to purchase these vehicles through us.  We supply all licenses through our affiliated brokers, and are able to participate in specific salvage pool licenses, salvage bid cars that are needed nationwide, and which require special dismantler's licenses. 

  6. We have an experienced staff​.  Our administration does not permit the purchase of dealer cars that were partially repaired and simply resold through an insurance auction.  Our administration only purchases quality insurance vehicles. Our end users will not be misled by photo-shopped images.  As we see it, selling dealer repaired vehicles would  be an injustice to our customer and, more so, to us as well.  Feel free to ask your assigned insurance consultants any questions.

  7. We have one of the best customer support teams in the industry, as well as call back response time, and live chat support.  We have a 24/7 Answering Service.  Our experienced administrators are seasoned, not only in the salvage auction industry, but have extensive experience in rebuilding vehicles, marketing platforms, coding, develoing web sites and designing them as well.  Our affiiate brokers have all licenses required licenses. We arepresent the extension to the public that insurance companies so desperately needed over the years. This was, at one time, a very close niche industry, but now you can bid, click, and buy within seconds. 

  8. We are offering affiliate sites to our exporters. Contact Info@salvageworldauctions.com for details. Must be licensed and have experience in the automotive field.

  9. We refer or recommend transporters and shippers, upon request, to our customers, at the competitive prices and delivery times.


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